14 Oct 2017



14 Oct 2017 - 14 Oct 2017

All Day

This event will be round 5 of the NZ Rally Championship and round 4 of the Top Half Series..
The event is gravel and will start in Pio Pio and head south to the King Country
region and back to Pio Pio for lunch Service, then head north east to Otorohanga/Waitomo
District then tour to the finish at the Hamilton Car Clubrooms.

 The event comprises of 6 special stages with a total of 208 km of special stages and 173 km
of touring. A full stage description is appended to these regulations.

Supplementary regulations; 2017 Rally of Waitomo Sup Regs Oct 2017x

Entry Form; 2017 Rally of Waitomo Sup Regs Oct 2017  

Rally May; Rally Map Waitomo Rally 2017 – Final 20.09.17