About Us

The Hamilton Car Club is one of the largest and most well established car clubs in New Zealand.

With over 200 members the Hamilton Car Club has current or previous members involved in many aspects of motorsport both within New Zealand and overseas. This includes circuit racing and rallying from clubmans level through to international rallies. Recently car club members have started to make a name in the drifting scene also.

The car club strongly supports the clubsport level of motorsport giving both beginners and experienced clubsport competitors the opportunity to compete and socialise in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The nature of clubsport competition means that you do not necessarily need expensive machinery to be involved, and often more driving skills can be learned and fun be had in very inexpensive cars. You don’t even have to be a driver to find enjoyment in the car club scene, with many involved just for the social scene or getting involved with co-driving or organisation.

Clubsport level events are organised by volunteer car club members and range in type from events on the grass at the clubs own grounds through to events on public roads that have been legally closed for the day and circuit based events. The Hamilton Car Club also aims to keep a close relationship with other clubs in the Waikato and nearby districts in an effort to keep the sport strong in our area.

The club also has a strong history in rallying and aims to run either a gravel or tarmac based rally event every year. Great support from the Te Kuiti and Otorohanga councils have meant that of recent years the club rally is based in the Waitomo area, and is becoming renowned for being a well run and challenging event.

The Hamilton Car Club has its own clubrooms, situated on the outskirts of Hamilton. The club holds monthly clubnights where members can meet and chat and be informed of upcoming events and news in the motorsport scene. Organisers often arrange guest speakers to attend who in the past have ranged from local personalities through to people involved with the very highest levels of motorsport like formula one.

If you would like to find out more then feel free to contact us or come along to a clubnight or event to see how much fun can be had in motorsport.